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Ramadhan and breastfeeding

Sedar tak sedar masa pantas berlalu…harini dah bulan Rejab..kan tiba Syaaban…dan Ramadhan….Qada’ puasa macamana? Inilah masanya yang tepat tuk kite Qada’ puasa…WAJIB…..
Selamat menggantikan puasa buat semua dan untuk diri saya khasnya……disini cda kongsikan entry buat semua mommies yang menyusukan supaya disamping kiter berpuasa kita masih memperoleh nutrition yang sepatutnye n yang pasti…tetap cergas n bertenaga menjalani rutin seharian….buat kawan2 yang drive jauh tuk pergi dan balik tempat kerja, yang takut dehydrate semasa berpuasa pastikan pengambilan Air mencukupi n ++++boleh add more energy dengan mengambil “Performance Drink” untuk kekal bertenaga mengerjakan ibadah…semoga Allah memudahkan urusan kitani… J

What and how to supplement your diet during Ramadhan?

You should be getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals and more is in fact recommended for you since it is known that certain vitamins such as vitamins C and B are known to be destroyed during stress, pollution or due to consumption of medication and birth control pills. The surest way to ensure your required daily nutrients are adequate is by choosing high quality supplements that meet or exceed the RDA requirements. Whenever you choose any supplements, be sure to check out its labels for the US RDA. It must be at least 100% of the US RDA or more for vitamins and the combination of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus should be around 60/50/45% ratio because if more, it will not dissolve and be absorbed into your body. Other minerals supplemented should contain 100% of the US RDA. 

The supplements recommended to be taken by nursing mothers during Ramadhan, should be:

Protein in the form of soy protein, which contains all nine essential amino acids and low in fat and no cholesterol to ensure that you are getting a lot of energy and good production of breast milk; 

Multivitamin which contains all the essential 12 vitamins and 7 minerals as mentioned in the table above (not in a liquid form) just to be sure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need daily;
<-- VITALEA SHAKLEE kan multivit menyumbang 12 vit dan 7 mneral yg bdn perlu

Vitamin C which provides 500mg sustained release (not time release) and contains 120mg of bioflavanoids for good absorption. This is to help you stay healthy throughout the Ramadhan month and beyond;
<-- vitamin C shaklee mmg 500mg sustained release..sebiji =7biji oren..besttt

 B Complex which works best when it is combined with all the 8 family members of the B vitamins namely Folic Acid, Biotin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Panthothenic Acid known for growth, nerve, brain and reproduction functions and control almost all cells activities in your body; 
<-- BCOMPLEX SHAKLEE complete with all 8 types of B vit

Fiber is definitely needed during Ramadhan since we tend to drink a lot of sweet drinks and eat more carbohydrates and less vegetables and fruits and small quantity of plain water, we may experience constipation and fiber aids regularity. It also gives us the sense of fullness and may reduce your hunger pangs greatly especially for nursing mothers, which sometimes can be unbearable. Also if taken first during breaking of fast will help avoid the tendency to over eat; and 

Energy drink with balanced electrolytes that helps prevent dehydration and provides energy during the day. Do not choose carbonated energy drink and those with high sugar content, as it is bad for you. 

This article may help you in deciding whether you should consume food supplements during Ramadhan or not. In fact, as a nursing mother, you should start on a food supplement regime if you find that your diet is inadequate in comparison to the US RDA in order to stay very healthy even beyond your nursing period. May you have a blessed Ramadhan!

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